Rainbow Cakes

After we did our first Rainbow Cake in the early days of our business they’ve become increasingly popular over time and so have now become part of our standard range! Choose from the range of layer/size options (or choose your own but do be aware this may alter the price) and either leave the topping to us (we’ll always make sure it’s something special) or tell us exactly what you’re after and we’ll do our best (price may vary)!


6 inch sponge with 4 layers: £36

6 inch sponge with 5 layers: £41.20

8 inch sponge with 4 layers: £46.50

8 inch sponge with 5 layers: £52


Five layer rainbow cake with white and dark chocolate shards, coloured meringue and candy stars topping.

Rainbow Cake inside


5 layer rainbow cake in a Biscoff flavour with Oreos, brownie, chocolate shards, fudge, Biscoff biscuits and sprinkles to top.